Join us in work and fun this summer.

Kompistorpet is a small farm in Julita Södermanland, 160 kilometers from Stockholm. We grow a great many vegetables and potatoes, mostly for our own consumption.

We are planning to go CSA (community supported agriculture) and are taking step by step to be able to grow food for neighbours and friends.

A family of four and some animals

We are a family of four (Maria 53, Mikael 54, Albin 18 and Magda 10). We also have chickens, ducks, turkeys for eggs, bees for honey and a horse for our own fun.

Plans for the summer 2016

This summer we are growing more vegetables and are going to cintinue hosting sheep on some of our land. We have plans for the fruit garden, which we are going to fence so the turkeys can stay there. Other plans are building a new vegetable garden at our new house and repairing the old barn at the new house. We fish as much as possible (the lake Hjälmaren is full of perch, pike and walleye).

Time scheme

We welcome helpers from June to August and lodgers in July.


Requirements for our helpers is a genuine interest in ecological vegetable growing and caring for the environment. You don´t have to be young but fit and healthy.


We have simple accommodations (like workers cottage or student room, old fashioned kitchen with fireplace and separate bedroom) close to the house. In high season two share a room. We have Wireless internet and computer access.


We take helpers from all over the world and we speak fluent Swedish and English, and a (very) little French and German.

The work

We work together with growing the vegetables in the garden and in the green house (planting, transplanting, weeding, tending plants, harvesting). We pick berries, apples and vegetables and preserve them by making jam, pickles and freezing them in.


There is a lot of work to be done this summer, such as tending to the vegetables, digging out beds with manure, preparing the fruit garden for the turkeys, fencing for the sheep and horses, feeding animals, riding and working with our horse, forestry, taking care of animals with offspring, gardening.

The workdays will consist of 6 hours working from Monday to Friday. Evenings and weekends are free.


There is a large lake (Hjälmaren) 1 kilometre from here. There are lovely woods around here for walking in as well. We are 2 hours from Stockholm. If you like riding there are many opportunities to take the horses out on wonderful paths in the woods.

The food

We prepare vegetarian food here and like a recipe exchange with the helpers here who take turns having “kitchen duty” and can do the cooking.

Please contact us for more information. We hope to see you this summer.

Welcome to join us!

Maria and Mikael

Come and visit!