Guests from all over the world are welcome.

At Kompistorpet lodgers are welcome. You can relax and watch us tend to the animals and vegetables or join us in work.

You are most welcome to stay at our farm as a lodger. You can either contact us by email or check our ad at airbnb (Cottage for rent – stay on a farm). You will stay at our soldier´s cottage Kärret, close to the house Dagsjön where we live.


The houses

Husen3In the main house there is a fully equipped kitchen with cold and warm water in the taps, stove, micro wave and and old stove for winter fires. There is a living room with a fire place and a dining room overlooking the kitchen garden. There are 3 beds in two separate bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom with cold and warm water and a shower.

In Grandma´s cottage there are 2 beds and in The farmhand´s cottage there are 2 beds.







The privy

Husen2Instead of the modern toilet we have an oldfashioned privy in the yard.




Since we don´t travel during summer, we invite the world to us instead..